Sashiko Needle Set - Brooklyn Haberdashery

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Contains 5 high quality Sashiko needles in assorted sizes made in Hiroshima and packaged in (Chiyogami) traditional Japanese paper. 

Long needles are recommended for large stitch patterns. Short needles are recommended for detailed designs.

Sharp tip for smooth insertion into fabric.

Needle Dimensions (shortest to longest):

  • 2 pcs: 0.03" x 1.7" (0.84mm X 42mm)
  • 2 pcs: 0.04" x 1.75" (0.99mm x 44.5mm)
  • 1 pcs: 0.03" x 2" (0.84mm x 51.5mm)

Packaging made by Haibara, a Japanese paper Washi company in Tokyo

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