Fix A Stitch, Double-ended Hooks 3 sizes per pack

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Garter Stitch is the easiest to knit and until now has been the hardest to fix. A garter stitch fabric is created by knitting each row. Since the front of a knit stitch is called “knit” and the back is called “purl,” when each row is knitted the fabric is comprised of alternates of knit and purl rows. It was for fixing this type of knitted fabric that the Fix-A-Stitch was first invented.
Orientation of the work
When you rip down in the garter stitch, it creates a ladder of sorts. Every other rung on the ladder is a knit bar and the other rung on the ladder is a purl bar.
 Existing stitch: Formed, intact loop connected to the row below
 Knit bar: Strand of yarn in the back of the work. When we knit the yarn is held in the
back a clue to remembering that knit bars are in the rear.
 Purl bar: Strand of yarn in the front or on top of the work. When we purl we hold the
yarn in front.
 Next bar: Knit or purl bar that is closest to the existing stitch
Fix-A-Stitch Front of the Work Method
a. Turn the work so the next bar is in the rear, making it a knit bar
b. Insert the Fix-A-Stitch into the existing stitch and move the stitch away from the end
closest to the fabric, leaving the end available
c. With the end of the Fix-A-Stitch that is closest to the fabric, grab the knit bar from
d. Using a slight twisting motion, pull the knit bar through the loop that is already on the
Fix-A-Stitch, creating a new “existing stitch.” YOU HAVE NOW EXECUTED A KNIT.
e. Slide the end of the Fix-A-Stitch that is closest to the fabric underneath the purl bar.
f. Continue drawing the Fix-A-Stitch away from you until you have drawn the existing
stitch under and behind the purl bar.
g. Keeping the Fix-A-Stitch horizontal to your work, raise the Fix-A-Stitch and orient the
Fix-A-Stitch so the hook is facing downward and is hovering over the purl bar.
h. From above, latch purl bar with the Fix-A-Stitch and flip the Fix-A-Stitch on end.
i. The hook is now facing upward and is holding THE NEWLY CREATED PURL STITCH.
j. You are now in position to knit the next stitch using your Fix-A-Stitch
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