06/01 and 06/08 Beginner Knitting Class 6 PM - 8 PM

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* Please make sure you are available for BOTH sessions before signing up! We cannot offer a makeup session if you don't join us for your scheduled Part B. You may cancel this appointment up to 48 hours before the first Part A session. After that, both sessions are a final commitment. Thank you! *

Thinking about learning how to knit? Welcome!

In this two-part workshop we will go over the basics of knitting. By the end, you will know how to knit a scarf or baby blanket by yourself with confidence!

​In the first session you will learn how properly hold the knitting needles and how to loop the first row of stitches onto the needles, which is known as "casting on." Then you will learn the first of two fundamental stitches, which is simply called the "knit stitch." Your patient instructor Kate will make sure there is plenty of repetition so you feel confident each step of the way.

After a week of practice at home you'll return to learn the "purl stitch" and how it works in combination with the knit stitch. Enjoy learning about the history of knitting, the types of wood and metal needles, and of the variety of yarns, fibers, and dye techniques while you work. At the end you'll learn how to release your knitting from your needles - The cast off!

Never picked up needles before, left- or right-handed, Kate will give you the skills to start knitting beautiful pieces of your own!

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